Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inspector Gadget

Hello 1994, you will be leaving soon!
Well, we got the house inspected today. It really went well considering what we went through last time (which turned out to be a 30 minute soliloquy on why we should not buy the fixer-upper house). Everything turned out fine except for a few things, which don't scare me too bad.

I really got a chance to examine all parts of the house today and try to envision the changes I would like to make. We have big goals and small goals, long term changes and quick fixes for all areas of the house, and I'm pretty sure it will take us a lifetime to get it where we want it. It's a good thing we're not planning on going anywhere.

My mom and Mike's mom walked through for the first time also. They were both very excited and I think relieved that their children will be living in a structure that maybe won't fall down in 3 weeks.
Next up is getting the house appraised. I can't remember if we want it to appraise high or low, I think if it goes high we will have more equity in the house, but I'm thinking we'll pay less taxes if it's low. Is that right? Is there a different in a regular appraisal or a tax appraisal? I think I'm confused, will have to google that one. After the appraisal I guess we will just hang out until the end of November. I was able to change my work schedule, so I'm off for 5 days after we close (yay!). Hoping to get all the paining done and extract the carpets/general cleaning before we move furniture in. We'll see, I tend to underestimate time and money :o) Anyone interested in helping? There will be free pizza involved!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

At Last

Well people, it has happened. Those of you who don't know our real estate history are about to get the play by play. It's sad and pitiful, but that's just because I get attached easily. Stroll with me down memory lane...
August 2007 : Bright and shiny young couple, soon to be wed, find cute 1920's fixer upper. Perfect first house. Offer made, unknown person swoops in and steals home, said couple left disappointed, but still hopeful.
September 07-January 08 : Couple search endlessly, no home to be found. Forced to rent (ugh).
August 08: House is found, too good to be true. 26 acres, foreclosure, lots of work needed, in our price range. Offer made to evil bank, evil bank rejects. Again, offered and rejected. Third time, we find out someone else swiped it from us. Sad, sad day.
August 08: Mike considers divorcing me. On the papers he cites "Ridiculous amount of whining" as the source, but backs out at the last second, remembering the fact that I am the mother of our two dog-children, and the visitation agreements would not be suitable.
October 08: Again, house is found, offer is made, offer is accepted, closing Nov. 21st. Oh happy day!

Ok, so when I write it all out, it doesn't look that bad. But please know that my hopes and dreams were dashed upon the rocks with each failed housing attempt. Fate peed in my sweet tea, and I did not enjoy it. I know, I know, wah wah wah. However, things are lookin up. Though we haven't closed on the house yet, the seller actually signed a contract, which is a first! We are getting the house inspected and appraised, and if all goes according to plan we will be homeowners the Friday before Thanksgiving. Can I get an amen?

More details on the house later, but for now, may I welcome you to the Griffin's!