Sunday, November 2, 2008


Looks like we have a little dilemma, and it goes like this: Mr. Seller originally listed the house we are buying with 12 acres. After a few months with no interest, he split up 4 acres with the house and 8 to stand alone, like cheese. This lowered the price of the house to a more popular bracket. The plan was for Mr. Next-door-neighbor to buy the 8 acres for privacy purposes. We were cool with that plan, it meant we could afford the house and we had security that no one would build behind us.
Fast forward to yesterday, when Mrs. Realtor told us that Mr. Next-door-neighbor would not be able to buy the 8 acres, and Mr. Seller is going to list the land for Mr. Anyone in the world to buy. Oh, and did I mention that we are involuntarily "donating" a 30 foot easement through our land so that the back 8 aren't landlocked. Harumph.
So, the irrational person that I am wants to buy up that 8 acres before you can say "lotsa debt" three times fast. There is a possibility that we can afford it if Mr. Seller is feeling particularly generous, but these are not generous times apparently. These are fill up your milk cartons with water and stow canned goods in the basement times, which does not bode well for our situation.
So, my question for the day is, anybody want to be my neighbor? Or give us a couple thousand dollars to buy 8 acres? I'll even sing like Mr. Rogers... won't you be, please won't you be, oh won't you be my neighbor...

But don't bring creepy puppets along. But do change sweaters and shoes when you walk into your house.

Coming up next: special request post of renovation plans for 1994! Thanks to my one reader for the suggestion!


Betty said...

I want to move behind you!!!! It'd only be a 2 1/2 hour commute there and back to Bham. That's definitely doable, I guess I could leave my favorite puppets behind.... for you!

Heather said...

We are looking for land, but unfortunatley we don't want to live in georgia?? Sorry!

Beth Chappelear said...

Rock Spring... huh? Moving to it or from it? I live in RS (btw Betty is my new cousin - Matt is my mom's deceased daughter's Confusing I know. So that is why I call him my cousin!

Sam said...

alright betty, the land is reserved for you if you can put the money where your mouth/fingers are. heather, i think you should move down here with us georgians! the kids would love it! and beth, we are moving to rock spring, and if matt is your mom's deceased daughter's son, then why is susan still alive? i'm so confused!

Beth Chappelear said...

OOPS... I think I left out one important keyword there. Let me try again: Matt is my mom's deceased SISTER'S daughter's son. That one word changes everything!!! I wonder how far away you will live from us in RS? I love this place.