Wednesday, February 18, 2009

After these messages I'll be riiiiiight back!

Whoa. I'm a bad bad blogger. I've neglected my blog in ways that it didn't deserve. But I'm back and I'm bad, I'm nationwide. Can anyone name that artist?

Anywho, please take into consideration that this post is being brought about in the mornin' after my 12 hour shift (and the end of 3 in a row) while I'm waiting for my Tylenol PM to kick in. So I can't really be held accountable for using expletives on the internet or slandering my neighbors.

Recapping what has happened in oh, the last 4 months.... We closed on the house. We moved in. We are still surrounded by boxes and spatulas that can't find their way to the kitchen. And remotes. We have like 7 unclaimed remotes floating around for no particular reason. And of course I have to keep them all, just in case I ever run into my first college roommate again and she asks for her dvd remote back (which never worked anyway). It's really hard to be a hoarder, I should call Montel and see if he can fit me in for next week's special: People That Have Saved All Their Used Q-Tips. Eww, did I just say that? Moving on...

The first task we tried to tackle when we moved in was the painting. Oh. my. word. I hate to paint. There's a special place in heaven for those that served their life painting. And it's covered in drop-cloth and coveralls. With lots of blue masking tape. I digress.

The dining room (still table-less by the way) is a deep red color.

The kitchen tried to be sage but ended up seafoam. Even typing the word seafoam makes me cringe a little, but not bad enough to repaint.

The rest of the house is neutral.... how very predictable. That's my Dad, he stuck around to watch me fall off the ladder and ended up getting roped into a little distance-painting. It's an Olympic sport. Look it up.

And the wall that the fireplace is on turned out chocolate. Apparently I never took a picture of it when it was done. I could do it now since I'm in the living room, but I'm just too lazy. Or lackadaisical. You may choose.

Here's the one small tiny eensie wittle detail I didn't quite work out when I decided to paint it all myself to save some money: the 23 foot ceilings in the living room. AKA the bain of my existence. Thanks to Dad's Little Giant Ladder (and Dad himself) it was finished in a record time of 2 months.

Alas, all the painting is complete, except for the bedrooms because I'm waiting to be inspired. Any ideas?

Next up on the posting schedule: the mantel!


Amy said...

I love your house! Looks like you are doing a great job painting. ;o) My bedroom right now is sage (not seafoam!), but when we buy a new house, I want to paint our bedroom a light blue and have black furniture with whit accents. By the way, I don't think the color in the kitchen is bad at all!

Betty said...

I reaaaallllly want to comment, but alas, I'm on a lunch break. However, I'll be baaaaaack!!!

(and either you need a photog blog or start transforming!)